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N-Stone – The quality manufacturer of variety ranges of Functional Sport Wears; which is widely recognized by a lot of International Stores and Brands. With the great supporting of our loyalty customers; N-Stone product designing team keep working for the design works of innovative and user friendly functional garments. We have put all the innovative design concepts into our house brand; Crest; which we have launched in 2007.


Sun Protection Range

Crest fabric blocks 98%+ of the suns harmful UV rays as Crest clothing provides SPF50+ sun protection function, but most important is, Crest shirts make you look cool when you are work out in the open areas.
Keeping our customers protected from the sunrays N-Stone designers’ first priority. We know that the delicate skin is especially vulnerable to sunburns, and every item in our sun protection section guards against these situations. Prepare for the outside so you will not have to worry while you and your toddler are playing around outside!
We have designed a full range of Sun Protection Line to cover the Kid’s, Teen’s, Man’s & Lady’s. In our Crest line, you can get the quality sun protection garments like Hats, Tops, Shorts, Kid’s one piece Suits & Long Sleeves Tops.


Manufacturing of quality Swimwear is our specialty. Shop Lady’s & Girl’s Bikinis, One Pieces, Embellished Tops & Bottoms; Man’s & Boy’s performance Swim Trunks; Crest has the best Swim Suits for you.
N-Stone is a company that provides a wide choice of swimwear; as well as clothing design especially for the swimmers who have the same philosophy with us, Make it Fashion in Water.
Professional and amateur swimmers can also find a variety of sports swim suits and competition suits here at our Crest line.

Floatation Range

This is not a life saving device but a perfect tool which helps the kid’s to build up their water confidence. N-Stone makes professional Floatation Suits and it can meet Australia, Europe & America Standard. A good Floatation Suit can provide the proper buoyancy for the child in order to help them to build the water confidence. It can provide the maximum freedom of the movement after the suit is worn; if the cutting is perfect fit. This is a good buddy for child to start to have fun in water.
N-Stone can make perfect OEM Floatation Suits and we do have a perfect brand – Swimsafe; which is the leading brand in the industry and the international patented design – Ring of Confidence and the molded foam will help the child to build the water confidence in a fun way.


Crest Wetsuit, usually made of quality neoprene material which is worn by divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and others engaged in water sports, providing thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy. Crest Wetsuit line covers Man’s, Woman’s, Youth’s and Junior’s range.
Wetsuits are used for everything from scuba diving to surfing to triathlons to wakeboarding. It comes down to a balance between the necessary insulation and coverage versus the flexibility needed for the type of recreation. There is a huge selection of wetsuits available at our Crest line, designed for all types of water sports. N-Stone designers have built a great line and you can purchase the right series at Crest range, whatever you are targeting for the recreational visitors or hard core players in the business; and you can purchase the right batch with N-Stone.

Performance wear

Crest Performance Garment series cover a quality range of “next-to-skin” gear. The range includes both a top and bottom half – that’s a Performance T-Shirt & Trousers – these come in both a long and short variety and are available in Black, White & Gray. Material is breathable, soft and light weight, and so they provide all-day comfort and keep cool, dry & hygiene for the users. Our special cut garments reinforce better fit, comfort and moisture control function. Crest Performance garments enhance an athlete's performance with special motion-designed pattern cuts that allows motion without the garment rising up. All Crest Performance garments feature latest key technologies and are made from lightweight materials with advanced moisture management to keep you dry and comfortable while you train.

Board Short

The board shorts of today are more like a combination of swimming trunks and walking shorts. Crest Board Short Range carries the most update and fashionable design and cutting and making the Crest line unique and different.
Crest provides a quality range and covers Man’s, Lady’s & Children’s series. Board shorts are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics; we use the best quality Polyester material for its durability and drip dry quality. They come in a variety of lengths -- from short to knee-length. Our special cutting and constructions can achieve the best fitting and provide the greatest comfortable for our customers.

Bathrobe & towel suits

Crest Bathrobe series are made of finest Micro Fiber material and they are strong and durable with a soft touch as light as a feather, and they wash and dry beautifully. Crest bathrobes provide ultra soft feeling and they are absorbency and durable. It provides extra protection for our body after exercises. Our bathrobes are designing based on professional sport players’ preferences and relevant trends for everyone who loves Sport. When you shop at Crest, you will find extensive range of products that are synonymous with luxury, elegance, and taste. We assure you of our quality and invite you to try our unique products!